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sun light passing through green leafed tree

I wonder if they know?

Each client that has welcomed me into their circle of support has been so unique. Learning about them, their past, and their lives allows me to support them physically, emotionally, and spiritually (when desired). I often wonder if they realize that they do the same, for me.

flowers on person's hand

Put them in water.

One of my most cherished pieces of advice that I pass along to new families came to me from the wisdom of my Sister and her Mothering instincts. With bodies comprised of about 60% water (as adults), it makes sense to trust and utilize this essential element during pregnancy, birth, and life.

The Littles

As a parent, I always knew I would be straightforward with my children about the human body and it’s capabilities. The proper terms for genitalia are used and often paired with giggling children. My goal is to keep them safe and healthy through knowledge without… Read More »The Littles