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Postpartum Doula Care

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With in-home services as a Postpartum Doula I provide customized support, education and physical care to the new Mother, her Partner (when present), and their newborn. From demonstrating newborn care & soothing skills, to light household organization and lactation support…Doulas smooth the transition each family faces post-birth by allowing the Parents to focus on familiarizing with their new(est) baby, and loving each other. I anticipate arising needs and address any social, emotional or economic circumstances by connecting families with local and national resources when needed or desired.
  • Unbiased Support - Having knowledgeable and unopinionated support can promote faster healing and strengthen families. Not feeling as if you have to have every answer as things come up allows you to focus on your baby.

  • Breastfeeding Support - I am able to recognize and address common early hurdles leading to a more successful breastfeeding journey with your newborn and beyond. I have professional lactation support resources available when needed.

  • Household, Sibling & Pet Care - New babies sure can shake things up! A Doula helps you stay on top of every day tasks, encourage bonding between baby and siblings and even pick up a bag of dog food if needed! It's all about meeting your needs, but sometimes a dog needs a Doula too, when families are focused on the new bundle of joy!

  • Lowered Instances of Postpartum Mood Disorders - Professional Doula support during the postpartum period has been linked to improved outcomes and lower instances of postpartum anxiety and mood disorders! I can help you recognize if you might benefit from professional assistance if you find yourself struggling more than normal with mood.

HI! I'm Krystal Barnhart


Our future generations deserve gentle, thoughtful, supported and uninterrupted adjustment periods with their Mothers & Parents post birth. I help protect and promote just that with Postpartum Doula Care.

Let me know how I can make your postpartum transition easier for you and your baby. 

My Sister (and best friend) inspired my 3 home births – the “crazy” hippie that trusts her Native American ancestors and birthed on her couch in California.

God I love her.

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