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Lamaze Childbirth Education

A four-week series, meeting once per week, totaling at least 12 hours of instruction! Private sessions, group learning, and virtual options to meet your scheduling needs and preferences. Contact me today to schedule your Lamaze Childbirth Education!

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Listed below are just a few of the benefits of attending Lamaze classes at Northern Sun Birth Services!

  • Sense of Community - Learning about pregnancy & birth with other parents-to-be leads to lifetime friendships, peer-to-peer learning and wholesome laughter! Seeing that you aren't the only one feeling the way you do, really helps!

  • Lower use of medical intervention - Knowing your options and being familiar with current evidence based practices allows for clearer communication between parents and care providers. Learning the pros and cons of routine medical procedures before labor and birth allows for fully informed choices.

  • Coping Skills and Comfort Techniques - Every family has the opportunity to use labor support tools and practice hands-on labor comfort skills and positions with their birth partner or myself! Having these tools and being comfortable using them makes it more likely that you will utilize them during labor and birth! I also teach many forms of relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques to help the pregnant woman find her rhythm & routine during labor.

  • A trusted resource - My knowledge base and skill set are continually growing as I am dedicated to understanding current evidence and research to promote best care practices. Through my professional organizations and continued education I am proud to be a reliable source of information surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period.

Individual Class costs vary. More information is available on the Class Menu & Schedule page.

HI! I'm Krystal Barnhart


I grew up in the thumb between cornfields and dirt roads. Animals see our souls and we should protect theirs. The babies; oh the sweet babies.

Interested in taking a class? I’d love to hear from you!

Learn about birth in a home-like and comfortable environment!

My Sister (and best friend) inspired my 3 home births – the “crazy” hippie that trusts her Native American ancestors and birthed on her couch in California.

God I love her.

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