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Having your Baby at home

Although less than 1% of people giving birth in the United States have their babies at home, that number is increasing. Home birth has been proven to be a safe & healthy option for Women and their babies  that are having normal pregnancies. I have the knowledge, professional connections and experience to explore this option with you if you would like to have your baby with a Midwife at home.

I am not a medical care provider, nor do I oversee the wellbeing of those choosing to give birth at home. I am, however, skilled at assisting those planning to have a home birth and attending as your doula to provide the physical and emotional support that you need.

Did you know?

Approximately 85% of birthing women can safely deliver without intervention out of the hospital (aka in your home or at a professional birthing center).

~ Click here to view Cochrane evidence surrounding home birth ~

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Midwives & More

According to WebMD, a midwife is a trained health professional who helps healthy women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after the birth of babies. Midwives are the primary health providers for home births and out-of-hospital settings. 

Together, midwives and doulas work to provide individualized and professional care to ensure a positive birthing experience and the safest delivery of your little one.

To learn more about midwives click or tap on the links below.

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My Sister (and best friend) inspired my 3 home births – the “crazy” hippie that trusts her Native American ancestors and birthed on her couch in California.

God I love her.

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