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For Me, It’s Not About the Babies

Before you burn me at the stake, please, let me explain. OFCOURSE I can’t resist the sweet coos and baby cheeks of a newborn. Love the babies. All of them. But for this Doula, it’s about the Mothers, the Parents, the entire Family. Healthy and happy babies are really the by-product of well supported pregnancies, births, and postpartum periods.

While supporting the physical and emotional journey that comes along with having a baby, I am able to witness the strengthening of spirits. Decisions are made with love for another human being that cannot yet be seen, only felt. Selfishness fades away as the new squishy faces become the focus. Physical bodies are shared with another for measurable amounts of time in a Mother’s life as she continues to sustain this developing life with her milk. Two entirely new identities are formed.

Seeing a Mom completely determined to own her body and her birth… after having been told by her care provider: “I can’t help you if you don’t deliver on your back and your baby could get stuck.” (omg. stop.) – ROAR her baby out on hands-and-knees without asking anyone’s permission…yeah it’s about that, too. He still caught the baby, by the way. They always do.

Helping Dads grapple with the intensity of labor while seeing someone they love so uncomfortable is necessary and fulfilling work. Birth has been neatly tucked behind closed doors and out of the home for so long now that they most often have never seen labor or birth before. Seeing birth partners brought to tears as they first meet their child is a feeling I struggle to describe. It’s really special, and I am grateful to see their emotion each and every time. Empowered Fathers seem more involved and proactive in parenting. Birth experiences have the potential to make or break marriages.

Stronger families are born in labor & delivery…not just babies.

Love and Light!

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