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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained professional that provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a Mother or pregnant person before, during and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. During pregnancy we help families plan for birth, postpartum and caring for their newborn. Doulas are the missing link in modern maternity care in the U.S. Our presence, skills and advocacy remain constant for the duration of your labor and birth. Nurses & Doctors are focused on monitoring the health of you and your baby and they are not trained in the physical and emotional support of physiologic birth. Evidence proves that Doulas improve outcomes and reduce intervention rates.

Does a Doula replace my Partner?

Nope! Doulas support your partner as well! When partners are free from the pressures of having, seeking and understanding everything…they can focus on supporting you and becoming a new parent themselves! Seeing a person they love in labor can sometimes be surprising or overwhelming, so having another person familiar with labor and birth is really reassuring! I also help partners provide hands-on support to the Mother and switch when the partner needs rest or nourishment themselves.

Is a Doula like a Midwife?

Nope! Doulas are not medical care providers and do not oversee the health of your pregnancy or baby. As a Birth Doula certified by DONA International I am trained and experienced in recognizing the emotional & physical markers of normal labor progression and provide reassurance to the family throughout the entire process. I use labor support tools and proven physical techniques to enhance your body’s natural birthing capabilities. I protect your space to birth, encourage your birth hormone production related to vaginal birth, and keep your care preferences in focus for medical staff. I do not oversee the medical health of a pregnancy, baby, or attend births from a medical standpoint.

Who benefits the most from a Doula?

Everyone having a baby, or anyone close to someone that is can benefit from Doula care!  Each pregnancy and birth journey is unique; holding different joys or maybe challenges. I remain thoughtful, aware and creative as I meet the evolving needs of people from the LGBTQ community, uncoupled Mothers, first-time & repeat parents, teen parents, or anyone with past birth trauma or loss.  Every family greatly benefits from the compassionate care of a Doula. Professional Doulas (not a friend or family member) have been proven to reduce pain med requests, epidurals, and cesarean section rates (by 23%).

Are there any special bonuses that come along with my care at Northern Sun Birth Services?

Yes! At my Oscoda location there is a lending library of trusted books to expand the knowledge and improve the confidence of families under the Sun. I also provide the “Borrowed Bellies Boutique” – a clothing exchange filled with maternity & breastfeeding friendly clothing in an array of sizes to be used throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Having this option as your body changes reduces the costs, stress, and global impact of sourcing clothing only worn for a short period of time. Also, when possible as your birth Doula, I am happy to momentarily wear a photographer’s hat if supporting your birth allows! I bring a nice camera & tripod to every birth and try to find moments to capture when permitted by the family.

Will medical insurance cover the cost of my services?

Maybe – check with your insurance provider – Certified Birth Doula care coverage is greatly improving very quickly! After on-boarding into services here, I have official Lamaze documents in your student portal, as well as coding information readily available that can be submitted to your coverage plan. I also provide invoices with details of service that are helpful in gaining insurance reimbursement. Many times, families are returned the cost of Doula care, childbirth education, and breastfeeding classes, but sadly not always. Classes and Doula care are qualifying Health Savings Account (HSA) expenses – services for which these funds can be used. I am happy to set up affordable payment plans for clients. You may also add my services to your Baby Shower registry using my Be Her Village® profile! It’s a free service linking funds from your family & friends directly to you, allowing them to help provide a positive birth experience for you through Northern Sun Birth Services! 

When, during my pregnancy, is best to start services?

Any time! It truly varies depending on each family’s needs and circumstances. Most often families begin classes & Doula care around 20 weeks into their pregnancy. This allows time for you to make thoughtful decisions for your birth, take the classes here that interest you, and form a trusting relationship with me – so I can best support you during your labor and birth. 

If you have remaining questions please reach-out below!

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