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Community Milk Sharing

Breast Milk Donations Always Welcome!

Free breastmilk on a first come, first serve basis to families wishing to continue their feeding method while facing feeding challenges, NICU separation, returning to work, or any other dynamic. The breastmilk provided here is not tested for safety – intake screening questionnaire forms are utilized, and milk is shared on a good-faith and loving basis. Northern Sun Birth Services, LLC only serves as a conduit for milk sharing, and does not ensure the safety of doing so.
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Listed below are just a few of the benefits of breast milk sharing and using donor milk!

  • Sense of Community

    Being supported in your chosen feeding method by another lactating Parent often forms lifelong bonds between families.

  • Increased Antibody Exposure

    Supplementing baby from diverse sources of breastmilk promotes a healthy and expansive immune system development.

  • Decreased Global impact of Breastmilk Replacements

    Reduced reliance on industry derived foods for babies and adults alike, makes for a healthier future for the generations we are raising now.

  • Decreased Risk of Poor Health Outcomes

    The risks associated with NOT breastfeeding include; (for baby) Increased risk of asthma, increased risk of Type 1 Diabetes, increased risk of ear infections, increased risk of SIDS, and increased risk of obesity. For the Mother: increased risk of breast cancer, increased risk of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, increased risk of body image concerns.

This is a free service available to any family in need. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out with any questions.

Interested in learning more about milk sharing? Reach out to Northern Sun Birth Services!

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