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Brighter birth starts here!

Offering a variety of classes to enlighten your mind, connect you with your body & baby, and encourage support from those in your life. The knowledge and skills I provide are based in current evidence, promote healthy pregnancies & physiologic birth.

In the classroom at Northern Sun I have an abundance of birth related teaching tools that help remove the mystery behind pregnancy and having a baby! 


  • Lamaze Childbirth Education
    A (4) session series meeting once weekly, for four consecutive weeks, with new groups starting each month. This class highlights healthy birth practices, familiarizes you with the stages of labor, and prepares for early parenting. I encourage growing families and promote birth as normal, physiologic and transformative. It is based in current evidence, fun and engaging! Proudly Certified by Lamaze International!
  • Homebirth Preparation
    This class outlines the process of having a homebirth and how to prepare. I connect you with Midwives that attend homebirths in Northern Michigan and go over the evidence surrounding the safety of birthing at home. There is focus on labor positions, comfort measures and breastfeeding (when chosen).
  • Sibling Involvement
    Teaching children about pregnancy and birth can be simple, fun and help them feel involved with the big changes happening in the family! I use gentle words, teaching tools and activities that encourage siblings to bond with baby before they are born! I always look forward to the sweet & surprising questions children often ask, and answer them with thoughtful, accurate responses.
  • Breastfeeding Focus & Preparation
    Beyond breastfeeding basics! Focus on safe milk storage, breast pumps (types & use), returning to work while breastfeeding, helpful lifestyle adjustments & health benefits for both Mom & baby. This is also a great refresher class for those returning to breastfeeding after a body break!
  • Partners, Doughnuts and a Doula
    A Partner-centered mini-class that allows Dads and partners alike to ask all the questions, bond with others over mutual experiences and learn new ways to support their pregnant partner physically & emotionally during pregnancy, labor and birth. I help partners recognize the stages of labor and practice supporting various labor positions. There is also focus on newborn care skills in this class to promote confidence as a new parent!

In an effort to meet your scheduling needs, I am able to teach educational classes based around your availability. I utilize both virtual and in-person curriculums. Please use the form below to let me know which class you are interested in, and we will develop a schedule fit for you!

Enlightened Birth is on your horizon; Together we rise!
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My Sister (and best friend) inspired my 3 home births – the “crazy” hippie that trusts her Native American ancestors and birthed on her couch in California.

God I love her.

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