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Brighter ouctomes with the support you deserve!

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DONA International Certified Birth Doulas (that’s me!) provide expertly trained prenatal informational support, positive birth planning, as well as continuous emotional & hands-on care for the duration of your labor and birth. I bring tools & knowledge to hospitals, homes, and birth centers that are proven to enhance your body’s natural birthing capabilities. Read more about the benefits of Doula care below!

  • Fear Reduction - A Doula is very familiar with labor, birth and the routine care surrounding this life experience. Building a trusting relationship together before your birth provides reassurance, confidence and inner strength while having your baby.

  • Labor Support Tools - From honey sticks to peanut balls...I've got it all! A rebozo, hot & cold packs, as well as items to create a calm birth atmosphere are standard in this Doula's bag. Do you want to dance during labor? Playlists, Bluetooth speakers, extra chargers...check.

  • Support for your Partner - Helping your partner use comfort techniques and encouraging ways to support you emotionally can shorten your labor and strengthen family bonds. I also help partners understand the wide range of normal behavior during labor and birth that can sometimes be surprising.

  • Awareness - During the throes of labor I remain aware of your choices for you and your baby while helping you recognize any steps away from that plan. I can encourage communication with your care provider until all of your questions have been answered.

If you are interested in Doula care please reach out here! I’m looking forward to helping.

My Sister (and best friend) inspired my 3 home births – the “crazy” hippie that trusts her Native American ancestors and birthed on her couch in California.

God I love her.

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