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About Me

Hi, I'm Krystal Barnhart


The memories of how we are treated during our births last a lifetime. Those memories impact how we feel about ourselves and our babies. Knowing this creates a responsibility to always honor, protect and encourage every person having a baby, no matter their choices. It is a passion and life commitment to providing personal & respectful care to every family I encounter. 

I have the tools and knowledge to provide prenatal education and labor support that can reduce the use of medical interventions and enhance the transformation that occurs with each Parent and baby born. I supplement every class I teach with humor, honesty and evidence. Listening carefully to my clients’ fears, past experiences and family culture truly help me understand their individual desires and needs for their upcoming birth. I enjoy providing opportunities for hands-on practice of labor positions and comfort techniques with pregnant people, birth partners and even siblings! 

My classes and Doula care utilize both virtual, and in-person support based upon your wants and needs. Not only am I certified by the highest recognized Childbirth Educator certifying body in the world – Lamaze International , I am also credentialed for my experience, professionalism, and capabilities as a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International

With the professional mumbo-jumbo out the way… Hi, I’m Krystal! I am a Mother of 4 amazing boys and my personal birth and breastfeeding experiences are vast. My lifestyle has involved studying pregnancy and birth for at least 5 years now, and I am grateful to have breastfed my boys for a combined total of over 4 years. I am a chicken Momma, a Pittie Momma and a Woman on a mission to encourage other women to believe in their bodies and it’s ability to birth. Serving you, and your growing family is truly an honor that I am looking forward to.

Ask about using your B.R.A.I.N. while making care choices for yourself & your baby! Any opportunity to wear this hat...
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Proudly DONA International
& Lamaze International Certified

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Enlightened Birth is on your horizon; Together we rise!

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My children are my smallest teachers and biggest inspiration.

I promise to serve your family as I do my own; with everything I have.

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