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As a Lamaze International Certified Childbirth Educator I aim to improve birth outcomes with fun and engaging prenatal education based in current evidence.

As a Doula I provide resource and educational support during pregnancy. I remain present during the duration of labor & birth providing emotional and hands-on care. I take pride in providing individualized  services for growing families from preconception through weaning.

Everything under the Sun

With all of my services you can expect compassionate, respectful and reliable care. I aim to meet your individual needs through genuine human connection, trust and open communication throughout your childbearing years.

Labor & Birth Support - Doula Care

Prenatal informational support and positive birth planning to improve your birth memories - which evidence proves last a lifetime! Continuous physical and emotional support throughout labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period as well as early breastfeeding initiation encouragement when desired.

Childbirth Education

I utilize many trusted resources, including Lamaze International to develop and continually update a fun and informative, 4 week long Childbirth Education series. I also offer classes to educate other people in a pregnant woman's entire family; no matter their individual dynamics. Elder Updates, Sibling Integration, and breastfeeding classes (to name a few!) enhance the pregnancy and birth experience for everyone involved in the birthing person's circle of support.

Postpartum Doula Care

Nurturing new and repeat parents with in-home care and unbiased support of their evolving parenting styles and decisions post birth. I inspire confidence by demonstrating newborn care skills, soothing techniques and providing breastfeeding support that can assist new Moms and babies over early hurdles. This care also helps to identify early, when professional lactation support is needed. I connect families to local & national resources addressing social, emotional & economic needs to promote life-long family bonding and growth. All of this creates a protected space for the Parents and new baby to develop a deep relationship.


A more personal space where I share experience, strength and hope through my mind, heart & written word 

When a dream is born

When a dream is born

I used to believe that dreams, by definition, were unobtainable. It seemed foolish to have lofty goals with no clear…
Cloaked in Red; Living. Breathing. Birth.

Cloaked in Red; Living. Breathing. Birth.

To be trusted with the deepest of human emotions and vulnerability while supporting pregnant and birthing women is a path…
Birth, Rainbows, and Daisies

Birth, Rainbows, and Daisies

Statistics, data, tests and machines are often higher on the decision making scale of importance when it comes to having…

My children are my smallest teachers and biggest inspiration.

I promise to serve your family as I do my own; with everything I have.

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